Silverati is run by husband and wife team, Simon and Lynn. We have always shared a passion for travel and found ourselves in Bali, Indonesia, on our honeymoon. It was here that we 'discovered' not just this beautiful island and the incredible Balinese people, but also the stunning, intricate, handcrafted silver that was lovingly made there.

Back in a wet and rainy London, as friends and family started to comment on our wonderful finds, we began to think that it was something we should share with others. We decided to work towards making our ideas a reality, and finally in 2013, hard work and long hours finally saw us be able to take the trip of a lifetime, back to Southeast Asia, but not just for a few weeks… and this time, we had plans!

And so, on a rather cramped public boat journey from Gili Trawangan to Lombok the decision was made. We were going to try and work with the amazing craftsmen and women we had met, to bring the jewellery we'd seen throughout our travels, to the UK. The excitement of this decision was the only thing that managed to take our minds off the waves crashing into the side of the boat we shared with what seemed like 300 people, as well as all of the daily supplies for Gili Meno! (In reality it was probably only about 30 people - but fear and the smell of dead fish has a way of distorting the truth).

Safely ashore, and just a week later, we were back in Bali, where our idea began to flourish into what you see on this site today, and that which we display at the myriad of exhibitions and shows that we'll be doing over the coming months and years.

All our jewellery is sterling silver and made by artisan independent and family silversmith businesses in Bali and Thailand. Our philosophy remains very simple - to bring you beautiful, handcrafted, meaningful jewellery that you will love to wear!